Hello, I’m Mel Hartnet and I’m a property manager in Salt Lake City. I’ve been involved in property management for 12 years now and enjoy my job. I enjoy being home with my family more though, and am working in my spare time to start my own online affiliate marketing business so that I can work from home someday. My wife is helping me with this endeavor. Her name is Patricia and we’ve been married for 17 years. We have two great kids in high school and they keep us pretty busy. Our oldest, Henry, is a soccer player and pretty good at it. He’s 15. Our youngest, Marla, is a gymnastics fanatic and someday she hopes to get good enough to go to the Olympics. We think that would be great and make sure to attend every gymnastics event as well as every one of our son’s soccer games. When I’m not doing that or working, my passion is . It has been for several years now and since it’s so special to me, I thought I would share some of these articles with you today. Got questions or comments about them? Message me. I’d really love to hear them.

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